azula + zuko

ok so real quick complaint 


here you have zuko

he just came back to the show. he’s a firelord now and he’s riding dragons and taking action and as ready to take down bad guys as he ever was. he’s already a fucking badass.

then we have katara.

she was here for, what, three books now? she’s an established master waterbender now and she is probably the reason why gender equality is more common in the Northern Water Tribe. she hardly did shit. she sits around and looks sad a lot. she does some healing. apparently she allowed her husband to play favourites with the kids. the opposite of a badass. more like sadass.

can that change please? can we have katara and zuko being old and kicking ass and taking names and flying fucking dragons? i want katara to be part of the fun too. why does she get to sit around and just mope? this isn’t the katara we knew in the past. i want the katara of the past to come back in this old lady body and pull a king bumi on us. i want this


not this



If Zuko’s dragon isn’t named Honor then what’s the point


Korra and AsamiCommission for  toserveandtoprotect


Korra and Asami

Commission for  toserveandtoprotect